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Innovative, disruptive, the future

So what’s so special about it?

Flip the following feature-benefit boxes and see the detail behind them…

Fast sub-second response times
  • The wokati Box is powered by a data-centre-core, the wokati Core
  • The wokati Core is unlimited in processing power
  • Unlimited in memory allocation
  • Unlimited in live, backup and archive data storage capacity
Available 24 x 7 x 365
  • All the wokati Systems have multiple layers of built-in redundancy:
    the wokati Cores have an N+1 architecture, effectively meaning that
    they will be 99.99% available in the wokati data-centres
  • Data-Centre servers are on hot-standby
  • Data storage is protected with RAID-1 mirroring
Data Safe & Secure
  • All data is encrypted across the internet
  • All systems are continually checked for viruses
  • All data is backed up daily and archived
  • Data snapshots are taken twice daily
  • All systems are proactively monitored against hacking attempts
  • The data-centres have high-level of physical access security systems
Fully Managed & Monitored
  • Managed, monitored and supported by a wokati Bod, a virtual IT guy
  • A wokati Bod is a highly skilled IT professional dedicated to support a wokati Box user
  • Help-Desk support during UK business hours
  • Remote logon assistance: bish-bash-bosh… done
  • 24×7 performance and capacity monitoring of all systems
  • 24×7 monitoring of all hacker penetration attempts
  • 24×7 anti-virus monitoring
Line-of-Business Apps
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Accounting Systems (such as Sage & KashFlow)
  • Stock Control
  • Microsoft Educational Suite
  • Board-room Video Conferencing
  • Voice-over-IP Telephony
  • Cloud App enablers for any Industry-Specific Desktop App
  • Cloud App connectors to any existing Cloud App
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Corporate Collaboration Systems (such as Citrix ShareFile)
Coffee Cup Pricing
  • Use-Only-What-You-Need & Pay-Only-For-What-You-Use
  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • £1.67 (a cup of coffee) a day for a wokati Box
  • Typically 50% savings over the Total Cost of Ownership of traditional IT support systems
  • IT funded through Opex, not Capex
  • wokati IT brings value to the business through efficiently hosting all business critical apps
  • Management and Staff time spent on running the business, not fixing IT
  • All wokati systems can be provisioned and decommissioned within minutes
  • Computing Power, Memory & Data Storage can be increased on-demand
  • Computing Power, Memory & Data Storage can be reduced when not required
  • Capacity aligned to seasonal requirements
  • No Baggy-Trouser IT, through over-provisioning of IT infrastructure, ‘just in case’
Plug & Go
  • The wokati Box auto-connects to the wokati Core
  • Boot time and full application loading takes only 40 seconds compared with 5 minutes of traditionally configured PCs
  • wokati Boxes automatically detect local printers and connect to them
  • wokati Boxes automatically detect wireless networks and can connect to them as required
  • wokati Boxes are self-tuning
  • No-Hassle IT
  • The wokati Box consumes 2W compared with a traditional tower PC consuming 300W
  • The wokati Cores are carbon-neutral

The smallest, the fastest, the coolest…

When is it going to be released?

The 1st of July, 2016


to go, and counting…

Who’s already seen this?

Ashoka Reddy and his team have been providing IT services and support for Avantifix for the last 7 years or so. In that time I have grown to trust them, because they have consistently delivered cost-effective IT systems for our business. Our IT systems have been brought to the ‘Cloud’, with a business model that is kind to our cashflow. We are not in a position to employ our own IT guy. When Ashoka demoed a pre-released wokati Box a few weeks ago, I was instantly impressed. It’s small and consumes little energy, yet as soon as he plugged it in, it was connected to the Cloud and displaying our Office, Stock Control and Accounting systems, on a 24″ HD monitor, all running smooth and fast. ‘I want 1’ did go through my head, and I pre-ordered 5 for our business straight away.
Mike McElhatton, Managing Director, Avantifix Ltd.

Can I be an early adopter and get 1 too?

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